Aging Gracefully

It's Hard Work, But Someone Has To Do It

Aging gracefully picture

Aging gracefully

Have you seen the show on TV called Grumpy old men?

When I first saw it advertised I did not feel it was something I would be interested in watching. I didn't want to see cynical old men whining and complaining about life and the problems of getting older. We see enough of that in real life without pretending to be entertained by it on television.

I actually decided to give it a miss...

I had forgotten that the BBC are the masters when it comes to turning the most boring, uninteresting and very often outrageous themes into very funny and entertaining situations.

It Was Followed Up By An Even Funnier Grumpy Old Women!

These older men and women are obviously handpicked to describe their pet hates with amusing anecdotes.

There is one characteristic that seems to be common to all of them and that is that they can be grumpy gracefully.

They can look at the good and mostly the bad in life and deal with it with great grace and style, in other words aging gracefully.

Charles Dickens picture

The Famous Author Charles Dickens... was a man who dwelt a lot on the idea of getting old and referred to it frequently in his writings.

In his book "Dombey and Son" there was this great passage... "As I said just now, the world has gone past me. I don't blame it; but I no longer understand it. Tradesmen are not the same as they used to be, apprentices are not the same, business is not the same, business commodities are not the same. Seven-eighths of my stock is old-fashioned. I am an old-fashioned man in an old-fashioned shop, in a street that is not the same as I remember it. I have fallen behind the time, and am too old to catch it again."

Doesn't this sound like something you hear every other day in your own street or neighborhood? Charles Dickens was born in 1812 and he wrote that book in 1856; Has anything changed?

How Are We Describing Our Lives To Ourselves...

when we speak to each other or more importantly when we speak to ourselves? With thoughts like those is it possible for us to be aging gracefully?

Aging is a serious business and it's not for the faint hearted.

However, It is inevitable. It is something we all do. And, if we are to do it gracefully, then we have to do more than sit around and talk about it.

Now, I've got a few years under my belt here, and in my time on this dirt I've come up with a few ideas of my own about aging gracefully...