Aging Gracefully Ideas

A few of my ideas have to do with keeping an interest in things and learning new skills... simple skills,

I am not qualified to advise you on how you should live your life as you grow older. I am not a doctor, a gerontologist or a specialist of any kind.

A serious and permanent illness to a family member created a difficult situation for my family for over forty years now.In that time I learned a lot about the resilience of the human spirit while witnessing the courage shown by family members. I graduated through the famous school of hard knocks, we all did!

I've been self employed for nearly 40 years, while avidly studying the workings of the human mind. I learned many skills and strategies for dealing with life mainly through the absolute necessity to survive emotionally, physically and financially.

I found, interestingly, that the skills and strategies required to survive were the same as those needed to be successful. I am now continuing to use them to make the aging process as graceful, enjoyable and as successful as possible.

Sometimes it is difficult to do but I like to think about the famous quote; "Do not take life too seriously. You will never get out of it alive"- Elbert Hubbard, 1856-1915.

He actually nails it right there. It is a good idea to dwell on that adage now and then when you find yourself getting all worked up about the future or feeling regret about what could have been. Does it really matter?

Carpe Diem (Seize The Day) be as graceful as you can today.

So, on my site I would like to share with you the ideas that I (personally) have developed throughout my life to carry me gracefully through the rest of my life. Read more about the skills, techniques and strategies that I use for aging gracefully in my newsletter.