Aging Positively Begins
With Your Attitude Towards Aging...

Aging positively is an attitude
The positive thinking revolution was initiated by Dr Norman Vincent Peale in the early 1950s when he wrote his best selling book, "The Power of Positive Thinking".

The concept was not really new but he was able to bring it into focus for the average person and people got excited about it. It started a whole new culture on how people could run their lives.

One of his famous quotes was...
"Change your thoughts and you change your world".

As result of this book the whole concept of "Self Help" was born, and it is now the most used section of all bookstores and it is still growing.

There is however an area that has not been given as much attention as it truly deserves and that is the concept of 'positive aging'


We're all passengers on the same train here, taking the same journey and heading towards the same destination. From the moment we're born we all start getting old-er. However, how we travel to our ultimate destination and what we do along the way while we're getting there is entirely up to us. 

I think that as we get older we can fall into a trap that we've actually set for ourselves with our own thinking.

The trap that we've set is the belief that there is very little left in life when you stop work, retire, or do whatever else you do that signals to you that you are now in God's waiting room.

We even convince ourselves that all these great positive quotes don't really apply to those of us who are now no longer in the work force. That 'positive thinking stuff' (we presume) doesn't apply to us "older" people. 

Well have I got news for you... 

There is a lot more to life than positive quotes, and there are so many things that can be done to make us feel better about ourselves and help us get the enjoyment out of life that we ALL deserve.

Most of us spent our lives dealing with peer pressures, bringing up a family, holding down a job and coping with the emotional wear and tear of the work place. We spent so much time doing all this that we have never really taken the time to evaluate who we really are.

Maybe now that the pressure is off we can start looking at some new beginnings, 

What are our strengths, What can we do to bring to back the excitement, and how can we "kick start" our lives again.

I often laugh when I think how an older relative of mine explained to me when I commented on how well he looked for his age. 



He said, "There are three stages that you go through in life Joe; You're young, you're middle aged and then you're looking well!"

Now that I have reached the latter stage I know exactly what he meant.

However, I intend to continue to make this stage more enjoyable than the other two stages. I now have the experience, the time and the motivation to do it.

As you read this you may realize that you are in the right place, so... if you are interested in the idea of aging positively in an unconventional way, then... let's continue this journey together.

Joe Brennan Snr
Aging Positivist

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